A way of understanding life


TICKETS Restaurant in Barcelona is the Tapas Bar of Albert Adrià, the young brother of Ferran Adrià. This project was started by Albert, and then he involved Ferran, who was really excited about it because of its cultural importance. Albert Adrià also involved Iglesias’s brothers -Juan Carlos, Borja and Pedro-, owners of Rías de Galicia, which is an emblematic seafood restaurant in Barcelona. Johanna and me had the opportunity to visit the TICKETS Restaurant and we enjoyed the hospitality of Albert and the whole staff. As they say on their web: “For us, la vida tapa is a global concept, a way of understanding life through gastronomy.”
If you want to book a table, you have to do it online 60 days before the date, at www.ticketsbar.es, and follow the instructions.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures, please contact the photographer Stefano Buonamici.