Dialogues with Music by the European Music Cooperative

Cristina Esclapez, European Music cooperative

Cristina Esclapez, November 2015, Auditori El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona.

European Music Cooperative is are an international network of professionals and organizations who believe in the transformative power and cultural value of live music in today’s society.

The European Music Cooperative is the result of a profound analysis and reflection about the role of live music in today’s challenging cultural environment. They believe that music professionals have to adopt a more entrepreneurial and audience-centred approach that’s more responsive to the needs and opportunities of local and global communities.

Pierre-Antoine Tremblay plays trompa during the

Pierre-Antoine Tremblay plays trompa, Auditori El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona


Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona

Dialogues with Music sets at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site (Barcelona) – Sala Lluís Domènech i Montaner

As photographer was really a visual pleasure and an honor to work with them all.

european music cooperative


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Giovanni Allevi, the other side of me


Giovanni Allevi sound check, Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona March 9,  2015

Giovanni Allevi sound check, Palau della Mùsica Catalana, Barcelona March 9, 2015


Giovanni Allevi is one of the greatest composers pure and untouched on the international scene.

He is a composer, conductor and pianist. He has a bachelor’s degree with honors in Philosophy and two diplomas Conservatory, achieved with honors in piano and composition.

Giovanni Allevi has performed in Barcelona his latest work for Piano Solo “LOVE”.

Thanks Giovanni for calling me Fotografo musicale.



Performing My family: ” I think, family it’s the most important thing in our lives.  So, I wanted to speak about this feeling with a joyful track that takes life from a reunion with my relatives. They were making noise while I was looking for silence, so I locked myself into a room and I wrote this track thinking about that: even though it is noisy and a little bit crazy, it is my family and I love it!.” Giovanni Allevi



Giovanni Allevi performing The other side of me, a piece based on his personality, reflexive and intricate.



Giovanni Allevi ends the concert playing The Albatross , a piece inspired by a Charles Baudelaire poem with the same title.




Shooting till the Sun Comes Up: the Primavera Sound

It’s always a pleasure shooting for The New York Times, this time it was in Barcelona covering The Primavera Sound, one of the biggest summer music festivals in Europe. Take a look to the slideshow.