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ARCO Madrid, Focus on Finland

  Madrid hosted the ARCO Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair between 19 and 23 February. This event has become a firm fixture on the calendar, and in 2014 around 150 curators and directors from special guest museums celebrate its 33rd edition. The over 200 participating galleries from all over the world exhibit paintings, sculptures, installations, […]

Tutti Pazzi per la Frutta

Photo contest for children and their families, in Rome from October 7th to November 7th 2013. The jury selected the best 100 images. As a jury’s director it was a pleasure to take part of it. Now the pictures are shown in fantastic EATALY Rome. Vernissage: Monday October 7th.

Sister Teresa, Ora et Labora

The phrase Ora et Labora, “pray and work” refers to the monastic practice of working and praying, its use in the Rule of St. Benedict. Benedict viewed prayer and work as partners, and believed in combining contemplation with action. So, Sister Teresa Forcades, a Spanish medical doctor and a Benedictine nun, sees her mission. In 2013, she coauthored “Manifesto for the convening […]

Teaching Cliché Verre

Cliché Verre is a combination of art and photography. In brief, it is a method of either etching, painting or drawing on a transparent surface, such as glass, thin paper or film and printing the resulting image on a light sensitive paper in a photographic darkroom. It is a process first practiced by a number […]

There’s Something About Mobile

The big screen in the stand of Nokia at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. Barcelona celebrates the seventh edition of the Mobile World Congress and it will be the first edition launched in the city since Barcelona was elected as Mobile World Capital last July. The MWC was first launched in Barcelona in 2006 […]

A way of understanding life

TICKETS Restaurant in Barcelona is the Tapas Bar of Albert Adrià, the young brother of Ferran Adrià. This project was started by Albert, and then he involved Ferran, who was really excited about it because of its cultural importance. Albert Adrià also involved Iglesias’s brothers -Juan Carlos, Borja and Pedro-, owners of Rías de Galicia, which […]

Land and Freedom

‘Somonte Resiste’ is written with rocks in enormous letters at the main entrance, readable from the air. And I’m pretty sure that Somonte will keep resisting… Spanish Revolution. The Somonte farm has been occupied by members of the Syndicato Andalucia Trabajadores (SAT) since March 4th 2012. These actions represent a platform for the struggle against the commodification and […]