Barcelona e-motions

Barcelona e-motions is a photography service for tourists during their stay  in Barcelona, whereby a photographer follows the tourist around the city, taking pictures along the way. The client and the photographer agree on the itinerary prior to the tour, which includes visiting monuments and tourist spots: recreational, cultural and gastronomic highlights of the city. The photographer’s role is  to capture special moments against photogenic backdrops, when the lightning and atmosphere are at their best. The photographer makes the most of each opportunity to photograph the most spontaneous and unpredictable moments of the visit.

The tour lasts around half a day, and three different places are photographed. At the client’s request, the photographer can also  arrange other services through authorised organisations (such as hiring a car, tour guide, etc). The techniques used ensure the best fine-art printing results, offering top image reproduction and maintenance.

The photos come in two sizes: 24×30 and 30×40 (at different prices). The photographs are presented in a specially handcrafted folder (album), of a high quality suitable for preserving and protecting the photos. The intermediary’s (hotel or agency) logo can be used on the folder.

The folder includes:

  • 15 photos printed in the chosen format.
  • A letter describing the experience (written in the client’s chosen language).
  • A DVD of the original photos in high resolution.
  •  The photographer’s biography.

The product will be given to the client or posted to the client’s address. The client receives a unique, artistic and once-in-a-lifetime souvenir, which forms part of a very personal experience. The client also receives the legal rights to use the images, which can be kept in a folder or framed, printed from the DVD and/or sent to friends and family by email or published on social networking websites.

Who this is aimed at:

Tourists and visitors to the city: couples, families, groups of friends or work groups. This service is aimed at whoever wants to keep a memory of their visit to Barcelona but who wants something more than just a standard souvenir – an original product, developed from their personal interests or wishes. The client gets a new and exclusive product that makes them feel good about themselves or is just a memory of a special experience.


Sold through the most exclusive hotels, travel agencies, tour guide agencies,  escort services or marketing and communication agencies.


Promoted through web galleries, photo exhibitions in hotels and direct marketing.

Any doubt  or questions about the price? Please contact Stefano directly at [email protected]

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  1. colin
    colin says:

    Hi, wonderful photos. I’m going to Barcelona in a couple of weeks, with my family. Is it possible you take pictures of we all? We will be 5 people, three days. Thanks

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