There’s Something About Mobile

The big screen in the stand of Nokia at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.
Barcelona celebrates the seventh edition of the Mobile World Congress and it will be the first edition launched in the city since Barcelona was elected as Mobile World Capital last July. The MWC was first launched in Barcelona in 2006 with 51.000 visitors and the figure has been growing since then, so, this year it is expected to beat the record of 60.000 visitors. I’m one of them, working for the Finnish paper Helsingin Sanomat.

A way of understanding life


TICKETS Restaurant in Barcelona is the Tapas Bar of Albert Adrià, the young brother of Ferran Adrià. This project was started by Albert, and then he involved Ferran, who was really excited about it because of its cultural importance. Albert Adrià also involved Iglesias’s brothers -Juan Carlos, Borja and Pedro-, owners of Rías de Galicia, which is an emblematic seafood restaurant in Barcelona. Johanna and me had the opportunity to visit the TICKETS Restaurant and we enjoyed the hospitality of Albert and the whole staff. As they say on their web: “For us, la vida tapa is a global concept, a way of understanding life through gastronomy.”
If you want to book a table, you have to do it online 60 days before the date, at, and follow the instructions.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures, please contact the photographer Stefano Buonamici.

Land and Freedom

Javier Ballestreros working at at the occupied Somonte farm in Palma del Rio, Spain

‘Somonte Resiste’ is written with rocks in enormous letters at the main entrance, readable from the air. And I’m pretty sure that Somonte will keep resisting… Spanish Revolution. The Somonte farm has been occupied by members of the Syndicato Andalucia Trabajadores (SAT) since March 4th 2012. These actions represent a platform for the struggle against the commodification and privatization of natural resources: the land belongs to those who cultivate it.

The photographs has been published on Helsinki Sanomat to illustrate a story by Johanna Kippo.

Crisis hits expat Finns

Finns living in Southern Europe feel the European economic crisis in their own day-to-day lives. Johanna Janger-Polaina lives in Barcelona with her husband José Antonio.

A story assigned by the Helsingin Sanomat.



Visiting a “field” on Menorca

Ricardo J. Elia, a Boston University archaeology professor on a field study in Menorca, Spain.

In the picture, he is at the archaeological field of  Torre d’en Galmés, in the beautiful mediterranean island of Menorca. Ricardo spends some weeks every Summer on the island working with a group of students. The professor is also specializes in the global art market and for this reason the new York Times interviewed him.

Congratulations Riccardo for your passion and commitment! Read the whole story on The New York Times

Barcelona on the beach

Barcelona’s beaches open again in 2012. Barcelona’s beaches are a major attraction of the city and last year Barcelona was named the best beach city in the world by National Geographic magazine. From the city centre of Barcelona it takes about 10-20 minutes by public transport to get down to the Mediterranean sea and the nine beaches.

A 100% electric van

On 23/05/2012, workers of Nissan in Barcelona attend the presentation of new electric van e-NV200.

Nissan will build its new van model at its Barcelona plant, located in the Zona Franca district, next to the city’s port and airport. The new ‘e-NV200’ will be a totally electric vehicle, an evolution of the ‘NV200’, which is already built in the Catalan capital. The new model will bring an investment of €100 million and is expected to create 700 direct and indirect jobs. The ‘e-NV200’ will start to be assembled in 2013, and will be sold worldwide. In the first year, Nissan expects to build 20,000 units from Barcelona.

In the port of Barcelona

Dock workers in the new terminal of the Port

Last week I visited, in assignment of Bloomberg News Photos the TERCAT terminal located in the Port of Barcelona. TERCAT (Terminal Catalunya) is part of HPH, the group is the world’s leading port investor, developer and operator. HPH plans to develop TERCAT into its principal gateway port for Southern Europe. Recently TERCAT holds the concession to build and operate the new container terminal based at Muelle Prat.

I am very grateful to them for giving me the chance to visit and shooting the very new installations.


On the road with Don Quixote

The lone gentleman and antihero Don Quixote praised crossroads, encounters in inhospitable surroundings and the importance of the journey.
The novel The Ingenous Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes, was a predecessor of today’s road movies. So what happens if you take it as a guide and inspiration to a voyage to the settings of the adventures of Don Quixote, in the little known Spanish region of La Mancha? It is a travel across vast vineyards, olive groves and saffron farms to look for the “village of La Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind…”.

Barcelona e-motions

Barcelona e-motions is a photography service for tourists during their stay  in Barcelona, whereby a photographer follows the tourist around the city, taking pictures along the way. The client and the photographer agree on the itinerary prior to the tour, which includes visiting monuments and tourist spots: recreational, cultural and gastronomic highlights of the city. The photographer’s role is  to capture special moments against photogenic backdrops, when the lightning and atmosphere are at their best. The photographer makes the most of each opportunity to photograph the most spontaneous and unpredictable moments of the visit.

The tour lasts around half a day, and three different places are photographed. At the client’s request, the photographer can also  arrange other services through authorised organisations (such as hiring a car, tour guide, etc). The techniques used ensure the best fine-art printing results, offering top image reproduction and maintenance.

The photos come in two sizes: 24×30 and 30×40 (at different prices). The photographs are presented in a specially handcrafted folder (album), of a high quality suitable for preserving and protecting the photos. The intermediary’s (hotel or agency) logo can be used on the folder.

The folder includes:

  • 15 photos printed in the chosen format.
  • A letter describing the experience (written in the client’s chosen language).
  • A DVD of the original photos in high resolution.
  •  The photographer’s biography.

The product will be given to the client or posted to the client’s address. The client receives a unique, artistic and once-in-a-lifetime souvenir, which forms part of a very personal experience. The client also receives the legal rights to use the images, which can be kept in a folder or framed, printed from the DVD and/or sent to friends and family by email or published on social networking websites.

Who this is aimed at:

Tourists and visitors to the city: couples, families, groups of friends or work groups. This service is aimed at whoever wants to keep a memory of their visit to Barcelona but who wants something more than just a standard souvenir – an original product, developed from their personal interests or wishes. The client gets a new and exclusive product that makes them feel good about themselves or is just a memory of a special experience.


Sold through the most exclusive hotels, travel agencies, tour guide agencies,  escort services or marketing and communication agencies.


Promoted through web galleries, photo exhibitions in hotels and direct marketing.

Any doubt  or questions about the price? Please contact Stefano directly at [email protected]